Take 5

Getting the Humphrys


When I was asked to photograph John Humphrys, I knew it would be interesting.  He was being interviewed on stage at the Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, by long time Fleet Street journalist Rob McGibbon in May 2012.  It was the first of a series of "In Conversation With …" shows.  Everyone from the production team was anxious because John Humphrys left it to the last minute to turn up, but from the moment he stepped on stage, he was in control.  It was a fascinating evening.

Photograph taken for Clive Conway productions and published variously in 2012 and used frequently to 2019


A meeting with Jonathan Miller


I was really nervous when I went to photograph  Jonathan Miller, after all, he has one of the best minds of his generation, and has a reputation of not suffering fools gladly!  I found him waiting for me anxiously at the end of his road, even though I arrived a good ten minutes early.  I realised he was as worried about the photograph as I was. He was utterly charming, though keen that I shouldn't take too long.  The following Sunday, BBC2's Arena did a really interesting and informative programme on him.  I feel privilaged to have had the opportunity to meet and photograph him.

This was another job for Clive Conway Productions.



Super Syd the Cactus King


Syd Partridge became a firm friend during a number of years that I photographed him.  He had been a great traveller in his time, and told me many fascinating (if a bit long winded) stories about his life.  In his dotage he dedicated his life to his amazing collection of cacti, echinopsis Eyriesii, which bloom for just thirty-six hours each year.  He lovingly tended the plants, unifying their care, which over the years had resulted in them all blooming together.  This picture of him in his greenhouse was published by Amateur Gardening magazine in 2009.  Now Syd and this photograph are part of my “Garden’s That Inspire” talk.


Buckets of fun ...


I photographed Patricia Routledge at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester just before her conversation with Edward Seckerson, "Facing The Music".  She came through from the dressing room where she had been doing her ironing.  She was utterly charming and actually phoned me up afterwards to thank me for the photographs I'd sent her.  She apologised for "larking about" so much during our photo session.  Actually that just made it good fun!  Taken for Clive Conway Productions and published variously 2012 - 2020 … Thrilled that Patricia is now Dame Patricia Routledge!


Still rocking after all these years!

CNV00017 5

I first met artist David Oxtoby back in 1984, when I took press and publicity photographs for an exhibition showing some of his "Oxtoby's Rockers" paintings at the Metropole Art Gallery in Folkestone.  We've kept in touch ever since.  Whenever I call him he always tells me a new joke.  I swear he must keep a list of them by the telephone.  This picture was taken about seven years ago near a London gallery where some of his Elvis drawings and paintings were on show.  He told me that he's wearing his most stylish jacket!  Taken for David Oxtoby and published by the Redfern Gallery.

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