Bye bye IMAX, bye bye!

IMAXdemolish2 1

At last the work to demolish the IMAX Waterfront building on Bournemouth's pier approach has started.   This ill-conceived structure has blocked the view from Bath Hill of beautiful Poole Bay and the Purbeck hills beyond for the past fifteen years.  It is planned to replace it with an open-air performance space.  Most locals are thrilled that the hideous eyesore is going ... certainly I am.  It's good to know that apparently around 98% of the building will be recycled, including 3,000 tonnes of steel and 8,000 tonnes of concrete.  Also the IMAX cinema seats have been relocated to the newly restored Shelley Theatre in Boscombe and the public gallery at Bournemouth Council Chamber, and much of the complex's restaurant kitchen equipment has gone to the Shelley cafe, and other local outlets.  

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